How We Helped Predator Defense

"Our work with Stone Canyon Productions began five years ago when they started producing videos for our small national wildlife advocacy organization. What was most remarkable about these films was the fact that people were finally able to see what we did in the field. Paul's expertise and passion has had a dramatic effect on our organization. His work gave us the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of people who otherwise would never have heard of us. Because of Paul, our work has been recognized worldwide and subsequently our organization has grown.  I cannot recommend Paul and Stone Canyon Productions enough."

-Brooks Fahy,
Executive Director

Screening of "Exposed" for U.S. Capital staffers in Washington D.C.

Brooks Fahy of Predator Defense with Congressman Peter DeFazio of Oregon's 4th district.

Predator Defense is a non profit wildlife advocacy organization that is based in Eugene, Oregon.  Because of their small size, reaching a large audience beyond their membership base has always been a challenge.  

Our work together has resulted in the following outcomes:

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